Solotrekk Remote + First Aid Kit


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  • 52 piece first aid kit for travelling to remote areas
  • Contains travel related items - insect wipe, chlorine tablets & needle set
  • Compact 15 x 10 x 5cm ripstop storage case
  • Includes removable sterile needle & syringe set
  • Contains essential first aid components

All the items from the Solotrekk Travellers first aid kit with the addition of a removable sterile needle pack, make this first aid kit the ultimate travel first aid kit!

This 52 piece kit contains all the essential components needed for first aid, including a selection of dressings, bandages and plasters, cleansing wipes, non-woven sterile swabs, scissors and safety pins, as well as travel related medical supplies such as water treatment tablets and anti-bacterial hand gel.

The Solotrekk Remote + Sterile first aid kit also comes with a removable sterile needle pack. This pack contains a selection of hypodermic needles and syringes, which can be given to a medical professional should you require medical treatment when travelling. This helps to ensure you are treated with sterile equipment.

This kit is a must have for travel to remote areas and developing countries!

First Aid Kit Contents

1 x roll microporous tape

2 x non-adherent dressing 5x5cm

1 x non-adherent dressing 7.5x7.5cn

10 x assorted plasters

1 x conforming bandage 5cmx4m

6 x safety pins

2 x saline cleansing wipes

5 x non-woven sterile swabs 5x5cm

1 x pair scissors

1 x burn gel sachet

1 x antibacterial hand gel bottle

1 x insect repellent wipe

10 x chlorine water treatment tablets

1 x pair vinyl gloves

Sterile Needle Pack Contents:

1 x hypodermic needle (23g) 0.6x32mm blue

1 x hypodermic needle (25g) 0.5x25mm orange

1 x hypodermic needle (21g) 0.8x38mm green

1 x hypodermic needle (19g) 1.1x38mm white

1 x 2ml syringe

1 x 5ml syringe

2 x pre-injection swabs