Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Garment Folder - Small


RRP £27.00 | save 19%
  • Fold & pack shirts & t-shirts - holds up to 7 shirts
  • Compresses clothes to maximise packing space
  • Minimises creases caused by clothes moving around in luggage
  • Small size - fits inside most carry-on luggage
  • Ultralight ripstop 30D silnylon fabric - water repellent

A small, lightweight garment folder from Eagle Creek, designed to hold up to 7 shirts.

The Eagle Creek Specter garment folder compresses clothes to maximise packing space and minimises creases.

The garment folder also includes a folding instruction board, making it easy to use. The garment folder is constructed from ultralight 30D silnylon, which is water repellent to help protect your clothes.

Designed to fit inside most carry-on sized bags, this makes the perfect accessory for business trips, as well as long haul adventures, where you want your clothes to arrive looking sharp!

Dimensions: 35.5 x 25.5cm

Weight: 200g

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