Dioralyte Blackcurrant Oral Electrolyte Powder

Dioralyte Blackcurrant Oral Electrolyte Powder


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  • Instructions for use provided on the packet
  • 6 x tasty blackcurrant flavour sachets
  • Fast and effective replacement of lost water and body salts
  • Great for recovering after a bout of travellers diarrhoea or from excess sweating from extreme activities

6 sachets of blackcurrant flavoured rehydration electrolyte powder, essential for replacing fluids and salts lost through acute diarrhoea.

Don't let a case of traveller's diarrhoea ruin your trip! These handy oral electrolyte powder sachets come in blackcurrant flavour, and can be used to replace essential body water and salts which are lost through acute diarrhoea. Dioralyte is also great after activities such as treks where you may feel dehydrated or after bouts of sickness and diarrhoea. The pack contains 6 sachets of powder.

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