RFID Travel Accessories

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless technology which is now used in a number of personal items, such as credit cards and passports. These items contain a special radio frequency idenfication chip which can respond to certain radio frequencies, this technology makes scanning your personal details quick and easy when at airports or making purchases, but can cause issues when identity thieves try and steal your personal information to commit identity fraud. Thieves can now access the details embedded within these RFID chips and access details including your name, address, bank account information and other sensitive details that can help them to commit identity fraud  using special ID scanners which are easy for them to obtain! Our range of RFID blocking accessories are designed to block RFID scanners from obtaining information stored within credit cards, passports and other RFID compatible items, keeping you safe from wireless identity theft when travelling. The RFID travel accessories available include money belts, passport pouches and travel document organisers, perfect for storing bank cards, passports and other readable items.

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