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Get everything you need to keep clean during your trip, whether you're camping, trekking or travelling! Our range of wash equipment features compact microfibre travel towels in a range of sizes, from face and hand sized to body and beach sized options. We also have mini sized toiletries that are ideal for camping and travelling, including compact packs of soap leaves, multi-purpose soaps and travel detergent for washing your clothes during your trip. Our wash equipment range offers a selection of useful gadgets and accessories for travel, including no rinse body wash and shampoo, pegless washing lines and travel sink plugs! Not only do we have items for keeping your hair, body and clothes clean, we also have travel toothbrushes to help maintain your dental hygiene when travelling. Be sure to check out our great range of toiletry bags for storing all your toiletries and essentials, including lightweight options for backpacking and larger, more comprehensive options for those who find it impossible to pack light!

  • Trespass Soaked Pink Trekking Towel
  • Trespass Soaked Pink Trekking Towel

  • £5.99

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