Voltage Converters

Knowing whether or not you'll need a voltage converter for your trip can be a bit of a mine field and many travellers find themselves getting rather puzzled when they try and find the right option for them! If you are travelling to a country such as the USA that uses 110V as opposed to the UK's 220/240V system, you will most likely need a voltage converter in order to use your appliances while you're travelling. The same principle applies if you're visiting the UK and other 220/240V countries from a country which uses the 110V system. We have two different options available in our voltage converters range, Step-Up converters which are designed for use in the USA and 110V countries and Step-Down converters for use in 220/240V countries.

In order to know which voltage converter you will need, you will also need to check the wattage of all appliances you plan on using with the converter, the wattages we stock are 45W, 85W and 300W. Voltage converters should never be used with appliances that have a heated element, so we don't recommend using them with hair dryers or straighteners, you may want to consider investing in some of our dual voltage travel appliances instead! Of course, you may not even need a voltage converter if the appliances you plan on using are dual voltage, if they are they should display '100-240V' either on the plug or somewhere else on the appliance.

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