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Carrying your bulky hair dryer or straighteners from home isn't always a practical option when it comes to travelling, so we've put together a range of handy, travel sized appliances to make your life easier and save you some space inside your suitcase or hand luggage. Another thing to consider is the voltage in the country you are visiting, particularly if you're visiting the USA, Canada or the Caribbean, as these countries use 110V power instead of 220/240V used in the UK. If you take one of your appliances to 110V countries they probably won't even work, so you've lugged them across the Atlantic for no reason and will be left worrying about how you'll dry or straighten your hair! Many of our travel sized appliances have a dual voltage design, so they can be used worldwide. Our range of travel appliances include folding hair dryers, stylish and compact hair straighteners.

  • Babyliss Travel Hairdryer
  • Babyliss Travel Hairdryer

  • £19.99

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