Travel Plug Adapters

If you're visiting a foreign country, chances are you will need a travel adapter so that you can use your appliances and charge your mobile phone, camera and other gadgets. Our range of travel adapters is one of the most comprehensive online, with options covering a wide range of countries, we even have adapters for travellers visiting the UK! Our range of travel adapters include unique options for countries such as South Africa, India, Israel, Italy and Switzerland, which can be hard to come by. We also have the popular European and USA travel adapters available. These travel adapters allow you to convert your plugs for use in a wide range of countries, so you can always use your appliances with ease, no matter where you are in the world. For travellers visiting a number of countries, we have a great selection of worldwide and universal travel adapter kits which include European, American and Australian adapters for use in a number of countries worldwide. Don't forget to check the which voltage the country you're visiting uses as you may require a voltage converter for countries such as the USA & Canada.

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