Travel Security Accessories

Getting your stuff stolen can quickly put a damper on or even ruin a holiday, so don't let pesky thieves and other criminals put a stop to your fun! We've put together a range of travel security accessories to ensure both you and your belongings are kept safe and secure throughout your trip, including discreet money stash belts and wallets, personal alarms and portable travel safes for keeping your valuables secure! Some travel destinations, such as South America and parts of South East Asia are rife with pick pockets, so storing bits of cash and other important items inside an under clothes money belt would be wise. Similarly, if you're staying in a hostel or other budget accommodation, you may want to secure your bag to a fixed object with a cable lock or go one further with a Pacsafe rucksack protector - a protective mesh cover for rucksacks and backpacks! We also have personal safety alarms in our travel security range, which are a great addition to your kit if you're travelling solo. You may also want to check out our RFID travel security range, designed to help prevent credit card fraud and identity theft by blocking RFID scanners that steal your personal details, a growing problem in airports throughout the world.

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