Travel Rucksack & Accessories Starter Pack - Black

Travel Rucksack & Accessories Starter Pack - Black

A 60+20 litre travel rucksack from Highlander, packed with 6 handy travel accessories for backpacking abroad! This travel rucksack and accessories starter pack is ideal for travellers looking to tick off a few items from their packing list in one go, and save themselves over £20 at the same time!

The travel pack contains a 60+20 litre travel rucksack from Highlander's Explorer range, which features a detachable daysack for day to day use, an expanding main compartment and interlocking zips, as well as an adjustable back system for comfort. The sleeping bag included in this kit has a 1 season rating and is great for use in countries with a tropical climate, it also packs down to just 20 x 15cm in size and weighs 850g.

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The kit also includes a cable lock for securing your luggage zips or locking your bag to a fixed or hard to move object. Another handy security accessory included in the pack is the under clothes money belt, which has plenty of storage space for your cash, passport and other small valuable items.

The pack also includes health items including a travel first aid kit with first aid equipment for travelling abroad and a body sized travel towel by Solotrekk, which measures 120 x 50cm in size. You also get a universal travel adapter kit, which comes with plug adapters for use in over 150 countries.

Travel Rucksack Specifications:

Dimensions: 65 x 36 x 26cm

Weight: 2.6kg

Capacity: 80 litres

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

Dimensions: 220 x 80/50cm

Weight: 850g

Pack Size: 20 x 15cm

Season Rating: 1

Comfort Temperature (°C) 11°C

  • 7 piece travel kit: rucksack, sleeping bag, towel, cable lock, money belt, adapter & first aid kit
  • Includes security items to keep your belongings safe & secure
  • Great value kit - save yourself money compared to buying the items separately
  • Health & hygiene items - compact travel towel & travellers first aid kit
  • 60+20L travel rucksack with detachable daysack for carrying your clothes & essentials
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