Children's Sleeping Bags

Whether you're going camping with the kids, or junior has a sleepover planned with their friends, our range of children's sleeping bags are designed to provide comfort and style at an affordable price. Many people fall into the trap of simply buying an adult sized sleeping bag for their child, and don't realise that this will not provide them with enough warmth or comfort during the night. The reason for this is due to the child not filling the entire bag, leaving empty space inside the bag which then results in cold spots, and poor insulation. Children's sleeping bags are designed specifically for children, with a shorter body length to reduce cold spots and promote insulation. We have styles to suit every little camper, including traditional mummy and rectangle shaped bags, through to wider sleeping bags for kids who tend to wriggle and move around a lot in the night, wider shaped bags don't offer as much insulation as mummy shaped alternatives, but provide better freedom of movement. Some of our kids sleeping bags come with elasticated hoods, instead of hoods with drawcord closure, this is a particularly useful safety feature if you're looking for a sleeping bag for younger children. We stock all the top sleeping bag brands including Vango, Outwell, Sprayway and Highlander Outdoor, so you can rest assured that your little camper is getting a top quality sleeping bag for their outdoor (or indoor!) adventure.

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