Silverpoint Green Firefly LED Torch


  • Green aluminium body with splash-resistant finish
  • Compact and super lightweight - easy to store
  • Great for camping, travelling & outdoor adventures
  • 1 Watt white LED bulb with 60 lumen output
  • Includes 1 x AA battery
A compact and high quality LED torch from Silverpoint in a vibrant shade of green, the Firefly is the perfect way to light your way when camping, travelling or during outdoor adventures. The torch is pocket sized and measures 93 x 20mm in size, with a weight of 41g.

Due to it's compact size, the torch can be stored in your rucksack pocket until you need it, without taking up much space! The Firefly torch is battery powered and comes with 1 x AA battery, with an on/off button for easy use, and benefits from an impressive 60 lumen output for bright light when you need it.
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