Scrubba Wash Bag


  • Dry sack with internal washboard - portable washing machine!
  • Easily wash your clothes when camping, trekking or travelling
  • Simply fill with clothes, water & travel detergent & 'scrub' your clothes clean
  • Provides a machine quality wash in just 3 minutes
  • Compact pocket sized pack size - easy to store & transport

A lightweight portable washing machine for camping, travelling and trekking! The Scrubba® Wash Bag combines a dry sack with an internal flexible washboard, simply fill it up with water and travel detergent then use the nobules inside to gently scrub your clothes. The Scrubba® portable washing machine weighs just 145g and packs down to a compact 16 x 10 x 3cm in size, so you can easily store it in your rucksack or travel bag for backpacking and outdoor adventures.

This portable washing machine is easy to use with step by step instructions printed on the bag and packaging, it also features a clear window and filling levels are printed on the outside of the bag to ensure you fill it with the correct amount of water. Save money on expensive laundrettes when travelling and avoid washing your clothes in dirty streams and hostel sinks! The Scrubba® features a gripped backing to prevent it slipping during washing and provides a machine quality wash with just 3 minutes of scrubbing. It can also be used for just 30 seconds for light washes.

To dry your clothes quicker, use the Scrubba travel towel to partially dry damp clothes after washing them with the Scrubba wash bag!

NB: This item is only available to UK based customers.


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