Pyramid Sterile Medical Pack & Giving Set


  • Essential kit for travelling medics or travellers visiting developing countries
  • For use by medical professionals in an emergency
  • Contains sterile needles & syringes, including dental needle
  • Includes giving set for solution administration
  • Supplied in a compact ripstop case - 15 x 10 x 10cm

An essential piece of kit for the travelling medic, as well as for for travellers visiting developing countries and remote destinations. This sterile medical pack contains a variety of needles, syringes and dressings and also comes with a giving set for solution administration.

When travelling abroad, sterile emergency equipment isn't always readily available, or the equipment available may be of a questionable quality. When in doubt, this pack should be handed to a medical professional to ensure you are treated with sterile equipment. Hepatitis B and HIV can be spread through infected blood, so sterile needles and syringes should always be used.

The sterile medical pack also includes a certificate of verification in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu & Malay).

Pack size: 15 x 10 x 10cm | Weight: 110g

Pack contents

3 x syringes (5ml)

5 x needles (21G)

2 x needles (23G)

1 x dental needle (27G long)

1 x intravenous drip needle (18G)

6 x injection swabs

1 x cutting needle & silk (for stitching)

1 x packet skin closure strips

1 x non-adherent dressing 10x10cm

1 x non-adherent dressing 5x5cm

1 x roll surgical tape

1 x pair disposable protection gloves

1 x giving set

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