Mercury Step-Up Voltage Converter 45W


  • 45W step up voltage converter - do not exceed 45W
  • Converts appliances with 230/240V for use in 110V countries
  • Compact design for travelling
  • Great for North & South America, Canada & Central America
Use your UK appliances in the USA, Canada, South America and many more countries!
In certain countries, particularly throughout North & South America, you will find that the voltage differs from that of the UK!

This 45W step up voltage converter will allow you to use 230V UK appliances in 110V countries.

The converter features a 3 pinned UK socket for inserting your appliances and chargers with an earthed USA 3 pinned plug on the back for plugging into a wall socket.

NB: Not suitable for use with appliances over 45W, do not use with hair dryer, straighteners or any other heated appliance.

Power supply: 110V
Power Max: 45W
Output Voltage: 230V
Dimensions: 104 x 65 x 50mm
Weight: 800g

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