Lowe Alpine

Lowe Alpine Since 1967 this now UK based company has been helping climbers, alpinists, independent travellers and outdoors enthusiasts equip themselves for their adventures. The brand came into being through the vision of climber Greg Lowe and developed over the decades into a company with a global reputation for quality and innovation, distributing its products worldwide. By drawing on the expertise and combined experience of its multi-skilled, professional staff – themselves climbers, mountain bikers, skiers, trail runners and canoeists – Lowe Alpine ensures its outdoor clothing and rucksacks consistently meet the high levels of performance demanded by discerning outdoor industry customers. Through their continued focus on innovation, Lowe Alpine have, through the years, consistently introduced new technologies, designs and solutions which were regularly imitated by competitors and quickly became the industry norm while earning the company a global reputation and a plethora of Outdoor Awards for Innovation. This aspiration to lead rather than follow the crowd saw the world of rucksack design given compression straps and adjustable back systems, to name just two of Lowe Alpine’s ‘firsts’. Their ranges of outdoor clothing are given the same design innovation attention, with a close regard to functionality and comfort. Lowe Alpine technology developments have included the ‘Triplepoint Ceramic’ range which offers an advanced waterproof, breathable fabric construction, ‘Aleutian’ insulation and ‘Dryflo’ underwear.