Lifeventure Travel Bath/Sink Plug

Lifeventure Travel Bath/Sink Plug

A universal sink/bath plug, compatible with plugs all over the world! Great for travelling abroad.

Our price: £2.99

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This universal bath and sink plug will fit a wide range of different plugs, so you can have a relaxing bath or wash your clothes when travelling.

A must have accessory for people who are staying hostels and budget accommodation.

The plug also has a metal ring pull at the top, which can be attached to cord or string.

Diameter: 64mm
Weight: 28g

  • Lightweight and compact travel sink/bath plug
  • Sturdy and robust design
  • Standard fitment to most bath/sinks worldwide
  • Coated metal ring for easy removal of the plug
  • Great for use in budget accommodation and hostels
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