Lifeventure Bottle Shower


RRP £10.99 | save 14%
  • Pocket sized showerhead - fits most water bottles to create a shower!
  • Includes hanging cord for hands-free showering
  • Supplied with Loc-Top bag for storage
  • Great for camping, travel & trekking
  • Get a 2 minute 24 second shower using a 2 litre water bottle

A versatile wash accessory for travelling, camping or trekking, the Lifeventure travel bottle shower allows you to transform pretty much any narrow neck water bottle into a handy shower! The pack contains a pocket sized shower head, tube and a shower hanging cord which allows you to hang it up for hands-free showering. When attached to a 2 litre water bottle, the bottle shower will provide a 2 minute 24 second shower. It also comes with a Loc-top storage bag for when you're not using it.

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