Lifesystems Tick Remover

Lifesystems Tick Remover

Ergonomically designed tick removal tweezers that allow you to safely remove the full tick.

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Ticks tend to dwell on leaves and in long grass, giving them an easy opportunity to latch onto hikers, trekkers and other outdoor enthusiasts!

Once a tick bites it's host, it burrows it's head underneath the skins surface and can become difficult to remove unless you have the right tools. The Lifesystems tick remover offers a safe and effective way of removing ticks and has a special ergonomic shape for easy use.

Don't leave for your next outdoor adventure without packing one of these handy tools in your rucksack!

Weight: 10g

  • Easy to use - ergonomic design
  • Fits into any small bag or pocket
  • Safely remove ticks without leaving the head buried beneath your skin
  • A handy accessory for hiking, trekking and travelling
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