Lifesystems Chlorine Tablets

Lifesystems Chlorine Tablets

72 chlorine tablets for disinfecting water when travelling abroad or exploring in the great outdoors!

Chlorine is the most common form of water treatment and is capable of killing most bacteria and viruses in water. These tablets can also be used to treat water for brushing your teeth or washing fruit and vegetables.

Each pack treats up to 72 litres of water, making it safe to drink. Use with neutraliser tablets for a more pleasant taste.

Our price: £3.75

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  • 72 chlorine tablets for treating water - treats up to 72 litres of water
  • Kills bacteria and viruses found in water
  • Great for travelling and outdoor adventures
  • Suitable for treating drinking water, as well as water for brushing your teeth
  • Easy to use & instructions are included in the pack
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