Highlander Micro Headnet

Keep insects out of your face and hair with this ultra fine, mesh mosquito and midge headnet!

This handy ultra fine mesh headnet is ideal for wearing either on it's own or underneath your hat to create a barrier between your head, neck and insects. The net comes supplied in a compact 10cm x 5.5cm stuff sack for easy storage.

This nato approved net offers protection against insects and midges without the need for chemical treatments.

Our price: £3.99

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  • 100% polyester fabric construction with elasticated neck closure
  • Ultra fine mesh to keep smaller insects such as midges away
  • One size fits all - best used underneath hats or on it's own
  • Extremely compact pack size of 10cm x 5.5cm with a weight of 30g
Shape Head Net
Impregnated No
Hanging Kit No
Dimensions (cm)
Pack Size (cm) 10 x 5.5
Weight (g) 30
Holes per sq. inch
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