Go Travel Transworld + USB Charger Adaptor

This handy travel adaptor enables you to use your appliances in America, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, as well as in parts of South & Central America, the Far East and Caribbean. The Transworld + USB charger adaptor is great for travellers who need to charge more than one electrical device at once, as it comes equipped with 2 x USB charger ports at the top, so you can connect and charge multiple devices simultaneously!

The USB travel adaptor is fully safety approved and the USB ports have a combined auto-regulating power output of 1.3A. The adaptor is ideal for charging smaller devices such as mobile phones, cameras and MP3 players. Accepts UK plug, as well as most common 2 and 3 pin plug types.

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  • Use your appliances in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & more!
  • Includes 2 x USB ports for charging gadgets simultaneously
  • Accepts most common 2 & 3 pin plugs
  • Charge multiple small electrical devices at once
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