Go Travel RFID Card Guard

A pack of two special credit card guards, which are designed to protect your credit cards from illegal RFID scans! RFID chips which are embedded in contactless credit cards, and contain sensitive information, which can be stolen from a distance via illegal RFID scanning. Not only do contactless credit cards leave you at risk of identity theft, but in some cases, they could accidentally be billed by contactless payment machines!

These RFID blocking credit card covers shield and protect your credit card data from illegal scans and accidental payments. Simply align your credit card with one of the RFID blocking covers and slip it inside your purse or wallet. The pack contains two cards, and you only need to use one cover per credit card - make sure you follow the instructions on the pack.

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  • Pack of 2 protective RFID blocking covers
  • Helps prevent illegal scans of your credit card data
  • Protects contactless credit cards from accidental payments
  • Protect your personal data but use your own purse or wallet
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