Wheeled Travel Bags & Rucksacks

Our range of wheeled bags are ideal for international travel as you can literally zoom your way through airports without the need for a luggage trolley! The wheeled bags comes in a variety of sizes from smaller cabin sized bags to larger holdalls and suitcase sizes bags. Most of the bags in this range come with an extending towing handle for easier manoeuvrability. While some bags also come with the added benefit of shoulder straps so you can choose to carry it, if you wish. These combination bags, such as the Caribee Sky Master prove an excellent all rounder bag, providing versatility and flexibility. In addition to the wheels, many of the bags also feature a removable day sack which is perfect for day trips or taking on the flight. If you are transiting through airports then it may be worth considering a flight cover to protect the bag, especially the wheels and back system .

  • Vango Exodus 60+20 Wheeled Travel Pack
  • Vango Exodus 60+20 Wheeled Travel Pack

  • £104.99

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