Travelling Rucksacks & Packs

We specialise in travel rucksacks, which are designed specifically for backpacking. Travel rucksacks come with 3 key features that set them apart from traditional rucksacks used for hiking and other outdoor activities. The first and most common feature of a travel pack is the side opening design, which gives you easy access to your rucksack's contents and allows for better organisation of your luggage. Secondly, they removable daysacks which are usually attached to the main travel pack using clips or a zip to keep them in place. Daysacks are perfect for day trips and day to day use, allowing you to leave your main rucksack back at your hostel or other accommodation. The third feature of a travel rucksack is the protective flight cover on the back, which is used to keep the shoulder straps and hip belt protected during flights and other journeys. When the shoulder harness is covered with the flight cover is protects it from getting caught on airport conveyor belts and keeps it in top condition for when you need to use it. We also have a wide range of wheeled travel rucksacks, which feature both shoulder straps for carrying the pack on your back and wheels for towing it like a suitcase!

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