Care Plus Sterile Plus First Aid Kit


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  • Robust storage case with water resistant zips - ideal for travelling
  • Selection of sterile needles & syringes included
  • Perfect for travel to remote areas and developing countries
  • Supplied with a doctor's statement

The ideal first aid kit for far away destinations with poor medical supplies and facilities. The Care Plus sterile first aid kit benefits from a range of sterile needles and syringes, which can be handed to a medical professional should you require medical treatment in remote areas or developing countries, where medical facilities may be limited or lacking in sterile equipment.

The Care Plus sterile first aid kit comes in a sturdy and compact storage case which measures 16cm x 8cm x 15cm in size and has high quality water resistant zips. This advanced first aid kit, not only contains needles and syringes for medical emergencies abroad, it also comes with a stitching thread and needle, blood lancets, scalpel, dental needle and IV needle! It also comes with assorted plasters, vinyl gloves and alcohol wipes, as well as a doctor's certificate and first aid guidance card.


Assorted plasters (x20)

Pair vinyl gloves (x2)

Alcohol Wipes (x6)

Suture thread + needle (x1)

Scalpel (x1)

Medical Certificate (x1)

Infusion needle cannula IV 125ml/min (x1)

Dental needle 0.4 x 35 (x1)

Disposable syringe 5ml (x5)

Disposable needle 0.4 x 20 (x5)

Disposable needle 0.8 x 20 (x5)

Disposable syringe 2M (x3)

Blood Lancet (x5)

Care Plus first aid guidance card (x1)

NB: This item is non-returnable once the security seal has been broken.Due to containing needles and syringes, this kit cannot be sold to persons under 18 years of age.
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