Open cell mats, or self inflating mattresses, as they are also known, have quickly become the most common thing to sleep on when camping. They are much more robust than traditional pvc airbeds and take up a lot less room in your tent. When unrolled and the valve opened, self inflate mats suck air in as the foam cells expand, thus they pretty much inflate themselves. You can also top up additional air with your mouth if you want the mat to be firmer and provide a little more support and padding. Self-inflating mats come in a variety of thicknesses from 2.5cm to 10cm. You can also purchase lightweight models for walking and trekking, which come in full or 3/4 lengths to reduce pack size and weight. We also have deluxe double size models with built in pillows for more luxurious camping! If you fancy sticking to traditional camping mats, be sure to check out our great value foam sleeping mats, which are super lightweight and offer a great alternative to blow up air beds.

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