Bed Bug Sheets

Travelling around the world means you can be faced with some unpleasant sleeping arrangements, especially if you're staying in budget accommodation. Bed bugs can be a problem for travellers staying in hostels, as they are easily spread by backpackers moving from hostel to hostel. One way to avoid getting bitten by bed bugs is to use your own treated bed bug liner or bed sheet, as they are treated with insecticide which keeps bed bugs at bay. Bed bug sheets are made from a fine mesh (similar to a mosquito net) and are designed to be placed over mattresses underneath your bed sheet. Treated sleeping bag liners such as the Lifeventure EX3 sleeper range are constructed from cotton or silk and can be used inside a sleeping bag or you can use them alone instead of a sleeping bag in warmer climates. Liners are a good option if you don't like the idea of sleeping on hostel bedding.

  • Lifeventure Rectangle Cotton EX3 Travel Sleeper
  • Lifeventure Rectangle Cotton EX3 Travel Sleeper

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