4 Season Sleeping Bags

4 season sleeping bags generally have a comfort rating of around 0 to -15ºC which makes them ideal for use in autumn and winter both here in the UK and abroad. We have both synthetic and down filled sleeping bags in our 4 season range, so whether you're going on a winter camping trip or trekking in the mountains, you'll be able to find the right sleeping bag for the job. The down sleeping bags in our 4 season range offer a much smaller pack size and will perform extremely well in cold temperatures, offering an exceptional weight to warmth ratio compared to synthetic filled sleeping bags. If you're simply looking for a warm sleeping bag for winter camping trips, but aren't concerned about the pack size or weight of your sleeping bag, a synthetic filled sleeping bag is ideal, and they will continue to perform well even when their insulation is damp or wet.

  • Vango Venom 600 Sleeping Bag
  • Vango Venom 600 Sleeping Bag

  • £169.99

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